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​​Real Estate at The Firm was founded with the incessant pursuit of freedom, innovation, and excellence in mind. The freedom to choose the place to call home, or the next investment to create a true legacy for your family. The innovation to ensure the buying or selling process of real estate is simple, efficient, and effective. The excellence to deliver unmatched client service, communication, and accuracy from introduction to congratulations.

At The Firm

We are honored to be a part of our clients’ real estate journey, and the freedom earned from the American Real Estate Dream.

​​At The Firm, our real estate franchise agents and clients are like our family. We perform at the highest level of excellence and expertise, always working for the best interest of those we serve. Combining decades of skill, reputation, real estate market knowledge and marketing expertise – our clients are sure to have an unparalleled experience from showing to closing for their residential or commercial real estate transactions.

 The Firm and our partner real estate franchise agents exist to ensure that each transaction is handled with integrity, expertise, and clear communication, so our clients can complete each real esate transaction with the ease, pride, and joy that they deserve from such an exciting accomplishment.

Sellers have full trust in The Firm to transact quickly and at the most desirable terms and pricing possible. Whether working with international, national, or local clients, we strive to ensure that every process of each residential or commercial real estate transaction is as smooth and seamless as possible.



Hannah Hammond

Is a self-made entrepreneur who refused to settle for mediocrity and earned her freedom through her burning passion for real estate and serving others.

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With over 17 years of real estate experience and over 2,500 closed transactions, Michael Velasco is a leader in the industry. In 2009, 2010, and 2011, Michael closed over 240 transactions per year. Michael has a bachelor's degree in Organizational Management from Colorado Christian University and is an Arizona native residing in Scottsdale. Being a past brokerage owner, he also has property management experience and extensive experience with Short Sales and REO properties, working for some of the largest banks in the country including Fannie Mae, Countrywide, Bank of America, and Chase. Seeing a shift in the real estate market in 2012, he opened a Redefy brokerage franchise in Phoenix. In just 3 short years with Redefy, he lead this startup company to the #22 Real Estate team in the state. After a corporate buyout with Redefy, Michael went on to open Real Estate at The Firm with co-founder, Hannah Hammond.. He is now the co-owner and President of Real Estate at The Firm on both a local and national level.

- Michael Velasco


Hannah Hammond is a self-made entrepreneur who set out to create a life beyond the chains of mediocrity. With self-motivation, grit, and hustle, Hannah became a very successful entrepreneur at a shockingly young age, after living through a difficult childhood filled with many challenges. After graduating Summa Cum Laude with dual Engineering Degrees from ASU, she went on to found and operate multiple companies in Arizona, including commercial and residential real estate sales, business & wealth coaching, three construction companies, and a national real estate brokerage. She is passionate about helping others who do not know where or how to begin, and acts as a living example that anybody can create the life that they once only dreamed about. Hannah became a self-made millionaire by the age of 25 years old, and she now owns a portfolio of investment properties and is an active Realtor, investor, and business coach in Phoenix, Arizona. Hannah went on to become the co-founder of a residential and commercial real estate brokerage that is now franchised nationwide, Real Estate at The Firm, and is the Co-owner & CEO of the company on both a local and national level.

- Hannah Hammond