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Hannah owner of the firm found many aspects in need of improvement at every real estate brokerage that they hung their license with while practicing as residential and commercial Real Estate Agents over the years, and set out to design a real estate brokerage model that solved them all. At The Firm, our agents are like family, and are true PARTNERS. We believe that our real estate franchise agents should have the freedom to keep their commissions, choose a plan that works best for where they are at now, and the ability to flex as they grow and change their real estate business. We don’t believe in “can’t” and are committed to supporting our real estate franchise agent’s efforts and goals as much as they do. Whether they are a brand-new real estate agent looking for mentorship and guidance on their exciting new real estate journey, or whether they are a top real estate agent in the nation with years of experience, The Firm welcomes all real estate agents and offers the customized structure, compensation plans, passive income, and support that they each desire. We are the only full-service luxury commercial and residential real estate brokerage with an affordable price, and to go even further above and beyond to show just how much we care about our agents’ growth and success, we offer an extravagant Revenue Share Program to all real estate agents, allowing them to earn passive income for decades to come.

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We are honored to be a part of our clients’ real estate journey, and the freedom earned from the American Real Estate Dream.

​​At The Firm, our real estate franchise agents and clients are like our family. We perform at the highest level of excellence and expertise, always working for the best interest of those we serve. Combining decades of skill, reputation, market knowledge and marketing expertise – our clients are sure to have an unparalleled experience from showing to closing for their residential or commercial real estate transactions.

The Firm and our partner real estate franchise agents exist to ensure that each transaction is handled with integrity, expertise, and clear communication so our clients can complete each transaction with the ease, pride, and joy that they deserve from such an exciting accomplishment.

Sellers have full trust in The Firm to transact quickly and at the most desirable terms and pricing possible. Whether working with international, national, or local clients, we strive to ensure that every process of each transaction is as smooth and seamless as possible.


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Hannah Hammond

Is a self-made entrepreneur who transcended the boundaries of mediocrity, carving a path of her own freedom, fueled by an unwavering passion for real estate and a dedicated commitment to enriching the lives of others

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An embodiment of determination and tenacity, Hannah Hammond has defied the odds to become an illustrious entrepreneur at an impressively young age. Her journey, though marked by adversity during her challenging childhood, is a testament to the power of unyielding self-motivation and unwavering grit. Earning an Engineering Degree from ASU with the highest honors, Summa Cum Laude, Hannah has proven that success knows no bounds.

Driven by an indomitable entrepreneurial spirit, Hannah has successfully orchestrated the genesis of an extensive array of businesses in Arizona, contributing significantly to both the commercial and residential real estate landscapes. Hannah's passion lies in empowering those at the crossroads of their dreams and reality, offering guidance and serving as a beacon of inspiration.

By the age of 25, Hannah had already earned the title of a self-made millionaire, a testament to her relentless drive and business acumen. Her real estate portfolio showcases a variety of investment properties, reflecting her diverse interests and expertise in the field. As an active Real Estate Broker, Investor, and Brokerage owner in Scottsdale, Arizona, Hannah has become a household name in the industry.

The apex of her professional journey thus far is founding Real Estate at The Firm, a brokerage committed to transforming the commercial real estate landscape by offering personalized brokerage services, driven by integrity, insight, and a relentless commitment to their clients' success. As the Owner and CEO, Hannah steers the company with unrivaled expertise and a pioneering vision, impacting the real estate landscape both locally in Arizona and on a national level.