Being in real estate has many advantages that Real Estate Agents and brokers love. First, you are in the dream business. You help people become homeowners, which can be a life-long dream for many. You also help those who are ready to move on from their current home into a new home. Even better, you help businesses find great commercial properties in order to further their dreams — and they impact and touch even more people, from the services they offer to their employees’ lives. And that’s just for starters!

Real Estate at The Firm is a real estate agency and brokerage franchisor located in Scottsdale that offers you the chance to fulfill your dreams in real estate. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the benefits of partnering with us as a franchise owner of The Firm. Partner with us today!

Affordable Commission Breakdown

We understand that as a Real Estate Agent, you work hard for your earnings and that you want to keep as much of that in your pocket as possible. Here at Real Estate at The Firm, we offer an affordable commission structure in our real estate franchise structure that varies, depending on the state of your business. We offer six flexible commission plans with 100% commission. This will allow you to continue to move forward towards your goals.

Guaranteed Revenue Share

You should be rewarded for the work you do and for the past work you do, which is why we’ve created a guaranteed revenue share as part of our real estate franchise model. We offer the residual income that you are looking for that is based on many factors, one of which is bringing onboard new real estate agents or brokers. This is income that you can count on month over month, which helps you meet your budget and business growth goals.


Luxury Brand

Real Estate at The Firm is the only full-service luxury commercial and residential brokerage that has an affordable price that goes above and beyond to work for you. Our mission is to help you with your business by offering support with luxury advertising, marketing, photography, home staging, and more. We make sure that you feel valued and supported every step of the way.

Low Risk

To be a part of Real Estate at The Firm as a franchise owner, we only require a low minimum investment for our franchises, and the annual renewal fee is extremely low and competitive. Our mission is to offer you help and support through an access portal that offers continuing education services. In addition, we offer real estate and business mentorship programs and treat all of our partners like family. You are joining a company where you can continue to do what you love — helping others find the home of their dreams — while growing personally and professionally yourself. Talk about low risk!


Partner With Us Today!

Our founders have a burning desire to help others find wild success in the real estate market. With our years of experience, dedication, high level of achievement and success, and our commitment to excellence, we can help mentor and guide those who decide to invest in our real estate franchise. We cannot wait to share our knowledge and passion with you and to help you meet your career goals and aspirations. We want to partner with you, and we believe all things are possible.

If you are interested in our real estate franchise in Arizona, contact us for more information and to get started today!